The keyword in DIY is ‘Do’. Do must follow Read / Listen / Think, if any benefit is to be derived at all.
The next important word is ‘Yourself’ because that is the most fun part.
Just in case you didn’t know – DIY is short for Do It Yourself.

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

– Nope, not Yogi Berra. And not Einstein either!

Why DIY?
a) In my observation and experience, we seem to be forever searching for happiness. Everything we do, we do to make ourselves happy. Which is not the bad thing. The bad part is that we look in the outside world for that which is actually an inside job. – 100% DIY!

b) Because IKEA effect.

DIY is easy to understand. ‘Happiness’, on the other hand, is an over-used word, thrown around very casually. Even as people struggle to define what it actually means to them vs what everyone around them thinks it should mean to them. Try this exercise for defining happiness (your first DIY activity 🙂 ), and you’ll know firsthand how not easy it is.

Happiness means different things to different people. It can mean different things to the same person too. And then there is short term happiness and long term happiness which sometimes seem to be mutually exclusive. There is also a host of synonyms for the word ‘happiness’. In short, it means that we can complicate happiness as much as we want!

Let’s get on with DIY experiments, tips and guidance from books, movies, courses, money, religion and life itself! And see how / if that makes a difference towards uncomplicating stuff.

Good to start, then? Happy exploring! 🙂

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